Yesler – The Maker Of Your New Favorite Athletic Apparel


It’s about time that the oft-neglected athletic short (and capri) receive the quality and attention they’ve so long deserved. Gone are the days of your favorite pair of gym or running shorts getting lost at the bottom of the hamper, sulking lonely among an accessory party of sweaty socks and underwear.  Why? Because these are different and you’ll covet them just like your iPhone 5s (just kidding, we’re not in a cave – make that 6), favorite watch or that necklace passed down from your grandmother.  Introducing Yesler; the maker of your new favorite athletic apparel… Yesler’s Kickstarter campaign features the best shorts (or capris) that you’ll ever put two feet through.  Just like their namesake, Henry Yesler, this entrepreneurial apparel brand is setting the bar for quality, comfort, style and durability for the next generation athlete straight out of Seattle.  You might be wondering .