Worksman Pendleton Chief Joseph Mens Cruiser

Two Classic American Companies have joined forces to offer a Made in America transportation masterpiece.  This Limited edition bicycle designed by Pendleton Woolen Mills and Worksman Cycles is a ride that will be appreciated, admired, and extremely sought after.   Both companies share a value for American-made heritage goods as well as roots that date back to the 1890’s: Pendleton has been keeping people stylish and warm in its trademark jacquard blankets for over a century, and Jesus himself learned how to ride a bike on an industrial-strength Worksman delivery bicycle.  The collaborative final product is a heavy-duty cruiser that is handcrafted by Worksman and features Pendleton’s Chief Joseph pattern (first introduced in the 1920’s, the signature blanket pattern includes a design of arrowheads that symbolize bravery and point in the four cardinal directions) on its fenders and frame.

This cruiser features fully lugged Worksman Frame (which means it will last longer than you), sturdy Worksman Wheels, color matched in burnt Orange, spring action chrome plated fork, thickly padded comfort seat, coaster brake and smooth riding 26×2.125 diamond tread tires.  Show off the fact that you really appreciate an eco-friendly ride, American Made products and USA Style.  Oh, and it comes in Ladies too (same price)… check out the website.  $750.00.

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  • Sugarcube® March 7, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    Sugarcube in Philadelphia carries the mens and women’s styles. Detailed images of the Pendleton/Worksman bikes are posted if interested.

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