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will ullman design + art – Thru-Block Coat Rack

The Thru-Block Coat Rack from Will Ullman Design + Art, aka WUDA, is functional, modular, interactive, and built with such quality that it can be passed down from generation to generation.  It works on all kinds of wall-spaces because you can form it however you want. It’s available in reclaimed Oregon black walnut or reclaimed maple, choose wisely. The 23 piece set of blocks and 40 pegs comes with a mounting system that allows for easy mounting to either studs or drywall – if you can play with a set of Lincoln Logs then you can surely assemble the Thru-Block Coat Rack and place it strategically on your wall. It can be configured in a variety of patterns and orientations, providing function and art for even those with zero talent – yours might end up being so original that you can call it one-of-a-kind.  But most of you will probably just end up copying the picture.

For an extra hundred bucks you can get a “key” shelf to store your iphone, wallet, care keys, tv remote or anything else that often gets lost. Obviously Made in America.  It’s not cheap, but is worth every bit of the asking price – and if it’s too much for your wallet to handle, just print the picture and tape it to your wall.  You’ll still get some compliments on your new piece of art.  Get it here for $1500.00.

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