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Whyr’hymer Kalifornia Lounger Chair

At Whyr’hymer (click on the link to see the first video ever that makes furniture exciting) being creative is all about how much they can leave behind.  Plenty is left with the Whyr’hymer Kalifornia Lounger.  The distinctive design will grab the attention of more than people looking to rest their legs.  It  is constructed from FSC Walnut and finished with a hand-rubbed plant-based oil finish. You’ll be resting your butt on a cushion imade of latex foam with a 100% cotton covering.  This chair is also available as a rocking chair.

The ribs that form the back support for the chair have a curved point which was inspired by the shape of front grills found on cars of the 50’s and 60’s — providing a retro look that you won’t find at IKEA.  And it gets better, 3% of the sale price is donated to a charitable organization and they ask buyers to match – you can sit in comfort knowing that you did something good.   Hand made in Southern California by  self-taught furniture designer, Brandon Morrison. Pricing can vary, so give them a call… info is here.