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Atomik Series No. 1 Chair – whyrHymer Furniture


“Being creative is all about how much you can leave behind.” That’s the mantra of Brandon and Sundeep Morrison of whyrHymer Furniture… They’ve got no formal training, have learned through mistakes, and ultimately mastered their own distinctive style that grabs the attention of more than those simply looking for a seat. The Atomik Series No. 1 Chair has clean lines and flows as if it were carved out of a single pieceof wood. The design was inspired by lifestyle products and architecture of the atomic era in American culture and will add a ton of character to any room. And it gets better, 3% of the sale price is donated to a charitable organization and they ask buyers to match – you can sit in comfort knowing that you did something to help others. Brandon is filming (check out the video above if you haven’t already) the birth and ultimate completion of the Atomik Series No.1 Chair that will serve as a new whyrHymer commercial. You’ll get to see the entire process, from start to finish, all the way to when it goes in the shipping box.  Hand made in Southern California. Pricing can vary, so give them a call… info is here.