Waterford Precision Cycles – ST-22 “Fender Bender”

Waterford Precision Cycles believes that good fit and geometry have more impact on rider performance than any other factor and the “Fender Bender” is yet another example of an absolutely flawless design. It’s a celebration of music and cycling. Built with custom Waterford OS heat treated air-hardening steel main tubes and Reynolds 953 stays, the “bender” demonstrates framebuilding virtuousity from axle to axle. Intended for cross and commuter applications, it’s ready for fenders and bigger tires as well as a great distance design.

Waterford designs and builds bikes so that twenty years from now you will feel as good about your investment as you did the day you made it. While many companies have moved toward disposability, they continue to offer bikes that are completely repairable. This gives you more choices as a rider: the choice to adapt your bike to future innovations or to restore your bike to like-new condition. This also places less stress on our world’s precious resources. Get the “Fender Bender” here, prices vary depending on your setup.