Skin Care

Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

Face it, most shave creams are made somewhere you can’t trust. They try and claim ”natural”, but the truth is they’re loaded with harsh synthetic chemical ingredients, including many known toxins. That’s where Ursa Major comes in changes the game with their Shave Cream. Think it’s lame to be talking about shave cream?   These chemicals can and do penetrate the skin, building up in the body’s organs over time, contributing to if not outright causing serious health issues such as cancer, infertility, birth defects, hormone disorders, etc. So now you get it, and if not check this out – Why go natural?….I’ll add the go buy it now link earlier than normal, here.

The Ursa Major Shave Cream softens tough whiskers, cushions against razor burn and naturally nourishes your skin. The sublime texture, robust natural aroma and extraordinary performance will leave you craving your next shave. Seriously. Now little more about the brand, Ursa Major is passionate about human and environmental health. They develop clean, healthy skin care products which work incredibly well and also offer a great experience. All Ursa Major products are made with passion, pride & purpose in Vermont, USA. Get it here for $21.00.