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Upton Watches – Coming Soon

It’s about f****** time. Pun fully intended. Upton Watches is finally giving us an option for American made time telling devices and the prototypes look badass. There’s not a ton of information available, however you can be sure to expect a watch that meets these simple expectations:

1. Functional

2. Stylish, but professional

3. Well built

4. Reasonably priced

Modern day watch shopping has turned into a chore as they’re too shiny, too big, too expensive, or give your wrist an instant “I’m a tool” label. Your watch should compliment your style without defining it. The simple idea of producing a high quality watch in the USA to infect millions of wrists is what got it all started… and that’s really all it takes. We’re on board, have total support, and can’t wait for an Upton wrist infection. The website is in proto phase, but you can get the idea here… more info to come.