The Deuce – Whiskeyjack Paddles

Who knew that a stand up surf paddle could be an art masterpiece?  Seriously, these water pushing works of art may very well look better on your wall (or in a museum) than they do in your hand.  Owned and operated by Danny Brown, Whiskeyjack Paddles is located in the mountain town of Whitefish, Montana and creates paddles that are both functional and beautiful. The Deuce stand up surf paddle features a cutting edge shaft design that keeps the wrists in a neutral position and allows for a farther forward reach…. which means more power.   It’s an excellent distance paddle and the 8 inch blade slices through water with ease and requires much less energy to use than our wider blade models. The Deuce is designed for pure performance with a 6 strip aspen and walnut laminated shaft and fiberglass re-enforced blade.  Like all Whiskeyjack stand up paddles, The Deuce is light, super-tough and made in America.  Get it here for $275.00.