The Brothers Crisp – Handmade Footwear

Truly handcrafted footwear is hard to come by these days… especially made here in the USA. The Brothers Crisp fortunately offers custom made shoes to fit your style and feet perfectly. Whether you want 100 pair co-branded for your brand or boutique or a pair for yourself, The Brothers Crisp will take your order via email, social media or even an old school phone call… heck, send them a snail mail request and it would probably get the job done as well (just add 2-3 days to processing time). The constructed in Hartford, Connecticut shoes really are masterpieces for the feet… each pair has details and unique features that can only be found in handmade footwear. If you’re in the area stop by their shop in the historic Parkville neighborhood for a custom fitting or hit them up for a lesson on how to trace your feet with pen and paper… either way, your shoes will have a personalized fit like never before. Our personal favorite is the “Layup”, which literally offers hammer dropping design details and is inspired by a classic basketball shoe. I said give me 2 pairs cause I want 2 pairs. Check out the rest of their styles here – starting at $255.00. Obviously made in the USA.