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The Bottle Wrench Bottle Opener – Original

Tired of using the other end of a wine opener to crack a cold one?  Everyone’s done it… but you shouldn’t be using the same device to open a bottle of wine (that you can’t even pronounce because it has 12 syllables) as you do when you just want a beer. It’s one syllable for a reason… Easy to say and easy to drink.  I can say beer 6 times before Cabernet Sauvignon finally rolls off your sophisticated tongue. Anyway, back to the story… now you’ve got a utensil that will open your beers for a lifetime. The Bottle Wrench bottle opener is hand formed from a 100% real metal wrench and is created to rip the cap off of a bottle in the manliest way possible.  Functional and affordable… get yours here for around $10.00.