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Tactical Walls – 825 PLS and 1242 RLS

So you thought trap doors and secret storage compartments were only found in video games and movies?  Think again.  Tactical Walls is pioneering innovative and stylish wall pieces to stash your firearms. It’s like Pottery Barn for gun owners. The new shelves come in two sizes with easy to understand acronyms to differentiate what they’re meant to store… The 825 PLS (Pistol Length Shelf) and the 1242 RLS (Rilfe Length Shelf). They’re super easy to install, offer the functionality of a traditional shelf, and provide a foam lined cavity beneath the surface for discreet storage.  Worried about accidental access to your protection utensils?  Relax… The compartments have hidden locks that disengage with magnetic keys (because normal, non-magnetic keys wouldn’t be as badass).  If you’re interested enough to purchase the shelves, make sure you go the extra mile and get the optional L.E.D. lights that illuminate when the shelf is opened.  Obviously handmade in the USA… with real hardwood.  Get them here for $295.00 and $395.00 respectively.