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Sleek Audio SA7 Wireless Hybrid In-Ear Earphones

Proudly Designed and Made in the USA
Nope, it’s not a mistake. Something in the electronics category made it on the site. Sleek Audio stopped manufacturing in China last year and brought their business back to the USA… and with stellar results – they’re projecting 2011 to be their most profitable year ever. The SA7 Wireless Hybrid In-Ear Earphones set a new standard for mobile audio performance through advanced design technology.  Quality-wise there’s no comparison and the sound is more than super legit.

The SA7 is U.S.-made earphone like no other.  A milled aluminum core houses a first-of-its kind, custom tuned, dual armature driver configuration. The drivers are encased in a layer of silicone, further protected by military-grade carbon fiber sidings and held together with a titanium hexagonal fastener. As part of Sleek’s Signature series, the SA7 also offers Wireless Hybrid Technology, giving you the freedom to go from wired, to wireless and back again using Kleer™ lossless technology. With the SA7, form enhances function to create the pinnacle of mobile audio performance. It’s slated to come out in Spring 2011, and at a price of $399.99 you better either be rich or love music… or both.  If those don’t apply to you, just add it to your Wish List and hope someone actually cares. Rock on.  Check out more info here.