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Sleek Audio SA6-R Wireless Hybrid In-Ear Earphones

Didn’t think electronics were made in America?  Think again… Sleek Audio stopped manufacturing in China last year and brought their business back to the USA… and with stellar results – they’re projecting 2011 to be their most profitable year ever. The SA6-R Wireless Hybrid In-Ear Earphones combines the acclaimed performance and evolutionary features of its predecessor with military-grade construction. Quality-wise there’s no comparison and the sound is more than super legit. The SA6-R is an American-made earphone like no other. No detail of music is lost, as the ESC (Environmental Sound Control) blocks more than double the ambient noise of larger, “noise canceling” earphones for a truly immersive audio experience. It’s slated to come out in Spring 2011, and at a price of $249.99 you better start saving now… but they’re more than worth the price. If you don’t have the cash, just add it to your Wish List and hope someone actually cares. Rock on. Check out more info here.