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Schon DSGN Pen Collection

Why don’t you carry a pen along with the rest of your everyday items like a phone, wallet and keys?  Probably because they’re either too flimsy or too big, leak easily, make you feel like you’re having an acupuncture session  or simply doesn’t fit well in your pocket… luckily Ian Schon of Schon DSGN has given us all the opportunity to make the ordinary pen an extraordinary everyday item. The Schon DSGN pen is dependable, compact, durable, leak proof, and easy to hold and write with… It’s unobtrusive when in the pocket, but full-size when in use. The innovative design has a screw that holds the ink cartridge in place so a two piece body is no longer required and the high quality materials used actually “break-in” over time and reflects the way you personally use it just like a nice pair of leather shoes. If you’re consistently losing pens, invest in a quality writing utensil that you’ll be upset about losing… it’s sure to last longer that way. Buy it once, use it forever. Get them here for between $58.00 – $180.00.