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Redfeather Snowshoes – Hike Recreational Showshoe

It might have been a light winter in terms of snow, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a whole lot of people praying for it. Redfeather Snowshoes and their “Society for the Preservation of Winter People” pledge to smile in the face of sub-zero windchills, hone in on their hot chocolate making skills, carry their own tire chains, and never look down at summer people unless at a higher elevation.  Founded in 1988, Redfeather was founded by a snow-bound triathlete with the idea of designing a better snowshoe that would allow racers to train during the snowy winter months.  The original Redfeather Redtail transformed snowshoeing from an awkward mode of transportation into the modern sport that we know today.  The featured Hike Recreational Showshoes aren’t necessarily meant for an all-out race, but they’re meant to help you battle the snowy elements and get you where you’re going without any problems.  Next time you’ve got a “snowshoe opportunity”, start the day off with the right fuel and the right equipment, head outside and seize the day… a solid breakfast and Redfeather equipment will greatly reduce the likelihood of “My toes are cold” or “Can we go in?” coming out of your mouth.  Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, Redfeather continues to strive for technical innovation, performance, and unsurpassed quality in all of its snowshoes. Get them here for $134.95.