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Raymond Hau – Black Shark Leather iPad 2 Clutch/Sleeve

It’s not enough to simply have an iPad these days, you need to pull it out of something exotic every time you sit down at Starbucks… why not stow it in a case that’s more expensive than the actual iPad? If that’s your goal then the Raymond Hau Black Shark Leather iPad Sleeve is for you. Raymond Hau is an American designer who offers one-of-a-kind leather accessories to the most discerning (actually discriminating is a better term) customers. The accessories are contemporary yet classic and combine the natural beauty of opulent materials (aka Sharks) with modern aesthetics. All Raymond Hau leather bags are meticulously hand-crafted by European trained leather craftsmen in New York and Los Angeles. Get the Genuine Shark Leather iPad Sleeve here for $600.00.

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