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Quoddy Grizzly Boot Vibram

In 1909 Harry Smith Shorey started making his own shoes in Downeast Maine. Today, the tradition continues in Perry, on the shores of Passamaquoddy Bay, on the 45th parallel; half-way to the North Pole and as far east as you can travel in the continental U.S.   The Quoddy Grizzly Boot Vibram will impress you in more ways than one… here’s 2 ways:  performance and quality.  And here’s a few more:  the handsewn moccasin construction will blow you away when you discover the comfort, durability, and ability to conform to your foot over time for a true custom fit. The Quoddy Grizzly Boot Vibram is more of a work of art than a shoe… they could be in a museum or gallery just as easy as they could be on your feet.

The Grizzly Boot features a classic moccasin construction in a 6 eyelet over the ankle boot. Interior is lined with glove leather and six lacquered eyelets lace up a beautiful 60” rawhide lace. The tongue has a deerskin bellows to keep out debris and maintain warmth without bulk. And the Vibram® sole is designed exclusively for Quoddy, you won’t find it anywhere else.

Please note that all Quoddy footwear is “made to order”, which means when you order a pair, they make it just for you. This takes a little time, normally about 4-6 weeks, but damn, don’t you feel special? And American? Get them here for $399.99.

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