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Phar North – Get Beachy Hat

To quote the crew at Phar North… “Supporting American manufacturing is more than a trend.  It makes sense and keeps Americans working.”  This is the reason obviousamerica (check our about page) was created and we love to see more and more companies joining the movement… bringing it back.  Their “Get Beachy” 6 panel flat bill snap back is must have for any head wear enthusiast and the color is in the beige/khaki family so you can wear it with pretty much anything… plus it will look clean for years as sweat and dirt will melt away into the natural pantones. Get it here for $24.00. Phar North is making all the right moves to ensure you’ve got all the gear you need for an active lifestyle no matter where you’re located… but if you happen to be in Bozeman, Montana be sure to check them out.  Go Bobcats.