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Padron Watch Co. – The Hennepin Automatic

Pardon me?  No, Padron me.  That’s the new phrase for when you want to hint that your wrists are looking bare and you need a new timepiece.  The Padron Watch Company was founded in 2011 by Leo Padron with the mission to create serious timepieces with both durability and iconic design in mind.  Mission accomplished.  A Padron is a perfect watch for today and will be a perfect watch in 50 years when you hand it down to your grandson. One of our favorites is the Hennepin Automatic, a timeless design that’s hand-built and made with durable materials like sapphire, surgical-grade stainless steel and supple leather. The Hennepin is also 100 Meter water resistant… which is 328 feet or 10 ATM (for the math dorks that care). Padron Watch Co. is located in Minneapolis, MN…so in addition to being water resistant, it’s safe to assume they’re cold as f*** resistant as well. Get it here for $389.00.