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Outlier Workwear Pants Iteration One

If you ride a bike, these are for you.  Hardwearing, comfortable, tough and honest. The Outlier Workwear Pants are stripped down to the most minimal form and rebuilt for pure function in the 21st century. The Outlier Pant is the solution for those who blowout their jeans every few months – traditional jeans aren’t made for rugged use. The Outlier Workwear pants are better than jeans, an anti-jean if you will. They’re not denim, and the focus is on quality and durability – so there’s no concern about fashion and no attempt at “authenticity.” When Levi-Strauss invented the jean, he didn’t copy what was done before… he broke the mold. He tried to make the best pants he could with the technology of his day, which is exactly what the Workwear Pants Iteration One have done. A curved waistband and gusseted crotch ensure full freedom of movement, just throw them on and start your day. Fit wise, these will break quickly, 24-36hrs should do the trick, and they should be damn comfortable from the first minute anyway. As always, Outliers are made in New York City for quality and style. Get yours here for $138.00.