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Osmium Tradesman Vest

Osmium’s true purpose is similar to that of the obviousamerica vision… Change the way men buy stuff – we need a departure from our “throw away” society and move to a focus on quality, longevity and domestic production while we reduce our reliance on cheap, imported goods. Why buy something that lasts 30 days when you can buy something that last 30 years?  Of course it will be more expensive, but think about the price per use rather than the overall price. If we change our mentality then America, the world and humankind will be in much better shape.  Okay, we’ll step off of our soapbox and get into the good stuff.  Osmium is named after the rarest and densest stable element (atomic number 76 for those of you who care) which ultimately inspires their clothing – uncommon, elemental and enduring.  To sum things up, Osmium keeps things local, simple and interesting while building quality, durable and innovative products that are easy to wear and made to last. The Tradesman Vest is a perfect example of what their brand stands for… casual vests for men will always be in style and you can dress this one up with a tie and jacket or wear it with chinos or jeans.  It’s expertly tailored for a clean fit with four functional, welted pockets, antiqued metal buttons and split side seams.  The front is constructed with Bedford Cord (a durable fabric that resembles corduroy) while the back is a lightweight cotton twill so you’re literally sandwiched between two super high quality, 100% cotton,  and made in USA materials.  Not a bad situation to be in… Get the Osmium Tradesman Vest here in a variety of colors for $160.00.