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Objeti – Choose Your Own Adventure Shelving

The Choose Your Own Adventure concept from the books you read as a child is now available in the form of furniture.  Objeti now give you the option to customize your shelf to fit your needs – and no two shelves will be identical (at least it’s very unlikely). The low-tech, transformable shelf allows the users to slide in the powder coated aluminum panels from the top, in one of the many slots, in order to create bookends and/or room divider partitions.  Now you can read your CYOA book and then store it on your CYOA book shelf.  Now that’s harmony.

Objeti is a Cleveland based furniture design and manufacturing company that was founded in 2009 with the goal to create modern, precision crafted, functional furniture.  It’s amazing that such brilliant designs and product could come from one family… The Father and two sons operation is made up of Joseph Ribic (Designer and Owner), his brother John Jr.  (Production Manager) and father John Sr. (Production Engineer). This partnership, plus access to the most high-tech machining equipment, enables Objeti to produce anything that comes to the drawing table.  If you haven’t already googled it (we know you were wondering), the name Objeti is a Slovenian word meaning embrace.  The importance of this idea is demonstrated through their objects by inviting the user to explore and discover.  Obviously made in the USA. Get it here for $1585.00.