Shot Glasses


Celebrate the holidays with some made in USA, Tri-State, 24 Gauge 1008 Cold Rolled Steel alcohol containers. That might be the most badass opening sentence about shot glasses ever published… the Nesting Steel Shot Glasses are made in Brooklyn, NY, coated in Camden, NJ, then sent back to Brooklyn to be plated, finished and ultimately enhance your celebratory drinking experience.  These shot glasses are extremely durable and industrial yet simple and refined… they make you feel like an authentic badass American with a sophisticated core.  

The custom “WCF: Made in USA” stamp on the bottom will remind you and your friends that you’re partying like true Americans every time you say “Bottoms Up” and will guarantee your party remains patriotic no matter what the occasion.  Side note: it doesn’t matter if you have someone that washes your dishes or just a dishwasher named Maytag… be sure to give them a rinse before using .  The finish options include: Slate Gray Teflon, Industrial Satin Nickel-Plated, and Polished Nickel-Plated.  Choose wisely.  Get your set of 4 here for $30.00.  Money well spent.