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MT. Man Speakers by Carrot Grant

Who says speakers can’t be made out of wood? Carrot Grant’s MT. Man high fidelity speakers clearly and effortlessly reproduce recorded music as if you were at a live concert while offering a style and look that you can’t find at your local audio store. We dare you to hook them up to your TV and play a Ricola commercial – you’ll get blown away.

Despite the rugged name, the MT. Man is Carrot Grant’s finest set of noise makers. The twin, copper-clad, woofers will keep the head bangers busy while and the rap starts tapping their feet to the beat.. In case you were wondering… they’re inspired by Spanish guitars, operatic beat-boxing, and Sherpas.

Carrot Grant creates custom and limited run speakers of all sizes and shapes. Every speaker is designed and hand made in Philadelphia by Jesse Gerard. Obviously made in the USA. Can you hear me now? Get these fine noise makers here for $900.00.