Mini Maglite® LED Flashlight

Everyone needs a reliable flashlight… you never know when your power might go out, your friends take you on a random camping trip, you need to find something under your bed, or you just want to annoy someone with a beam of light to the face.  The Mini Maglite® LED flashlight delivers all the performance you’ll ever need in a sleek compact design that will surely help you accomplish all of the above and become more of a tiny midget friend than a flashlight. This advanced lighting instrument is driven by the next generation of MAG-LED® technology and offers two different power settings – a maximum-power setting that makes all other flashlights look like cell phone screen and a 25% power setting to conserve battery power for reading at night or for a super long emergencies (you never know).  And if you’re true flashlight aficionado you can purchase the accessory holster so you’ll look badass and never be left in the dark.  Obviously made in theUSA.  Find out more info and where to purchase here.