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Meriwether of Montana Leather Beer Koozies

Don’t you hate it when your hand gets cold and slimy every time you take a sip of Stone IPA out of that texture-less, plain, wet, cold, frosty pint glass?  Well, us neither.  Cold beer is good no matter what you’re drinking it out of… however, that was before we knew about Leather Beer Koozies from Meriwether of Montana.  This is a classic example of consumers not knowing they need something until they see it. Traditional foam beer koozies are a dime a dozen and typically make a better dog toy than beverage insulator… which is why they’ve designed the most elegant and sophisticated koozie ever made.  This instant classic is hand crafted out of 1/8″ vegetable tanned genuine leather, finished with super a durable, thick contrast stitch and laser engraved with something you’re to make you chuckle.  And by the way, it also helps to keep your beer cold.  No one wants a warm, sweaty palm raising the temperature of their cold beer.  Boy oh boy, have the times changed since the time you started reading this post. Obviously made in the USA. The price includes the pint glass… Get them here for $22.00.