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Maak Soap Lab – Rose City Soap Bar

Portland, Oregon is on the forefront of the made local revolution and Maak Soap Lab is leading the way when it comes to soaps and scents.  Maak Soap Lab crafts handmade soap using pure and natural vegan ingredients so there’s no excuse to not lather up because of the “harsh chemicals” in most soap products. Their bars are produced in batches of 20 or less and ship out 3 weeks from the date they’re poured so they arrive at peak freshness.  Is the soap you’re using at peak freshness?  We highly doubt it.  The Rose City Soap Bar is inspired by the fresh scents of Portland and features patchouli and lavender combined with red rose hips to make a warm rose-colored exfoliating bar that’s  sure to make your next bathing experience a memorable one.  Obviously made in the USA.  Get it here for $8.00.