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Levi’s MADE HERE: Tim Whitten – Marlinspike Chandlery


Levi’s still makes a few pairs of their collaboration jeans in the US and has recently launched the MADE HERE blog, a curation of American craft and culture. It’s about the things and ideals that Levi’s was founded upon. “Made well. Made honestly. Made here.” Sounds like a perfect feature for obviousamerica.

The Levi’s crew visited Tim Whitten at his shop, Marlinspike Chandlery, in Stonington, Maine. Using his engineering background Tim taught himself the craft of traditional knotwork and wraps stones found on the beach with Irish linen cord to create mini masterpieces. The result is both unique and beautiful, each one being one of a kind. These necklaces are available in three Levi’s neighborhood stores- Malibu, Meatpacking NYC and Newbury Boston.