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LENORE Capsule Backpack – IGNOBLE Bags

Henry Ford once said “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black” in reference to the Model T in 1909. Over 100 years later, the guys over at IGNOBLE Bags have a similar philosophy: Black. Backpack. The essential carryall for the modern man. The LENORE Capsule Backpack is more of a hybrid bag as it features a shoulder strap restraint system that allows the backpack to be quickly converted into a mini-duffle. Don’t get it? That’s okay because it even comes with awesome instructions on how to make the transition. The LENORE is hand assembled in Los Angeles out of military-grade materials and built to last a lifetime. Get it here for $249.99 and you won’t be disappointed until black goes out of style… and that’s not happening, so purchase with confidence.

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