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LANDMARKS & LIONS Quantum Collection for the iPhone 6/6 Plus

LANDMARKS & LIONS is at it again… They’ve reintroduced their QUANTUM collection for the iPhone 6, celebrating a minimalistic design aesthetic with a new fresh splash of color. Inspired by fine craftsmanship, clean lines, and vibrant hues, this collection remains a staple to those who value exquisite artisanal skill and unique design. Typical of the brand’s ethos, the brights of eternal summer play an integral role in this collection. Cool aqua, pale lemon yellow, hazy green, rose pink, and intense red are the colors used to skillfully hand-paint the edges of the supple black and tobacco brown leathers. Based in Minneapolis, MN, owner and founder, Canyon Crosby draws inspiration from his travels to inspire each new collection of leather goods, catering to a lifestyle of leisure and refinement, not ever forgetting the requirements of the modern world. Using classic artisanal techniques, each piece of the LANDMARKS & LIONS collection is cut, sewn, and finished by hand in Minneapolis, MN, USA (obviously).