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Kolstom – Carbon Fiber Sunglasses

Introducing the world’s first molded carbon fiber sunglasses – made in the USA.  These new kolstom shades were launched about 3 weeks ago on KICKSTARTER and now 100% funded… but new companies can always use some extra funding.  The kolstom classic sunglass frame is manufactured using carbon fiber reinforced polymer that is widely used in motorsports, performance outdoor sporting goods and in aerospace due to its high strength-to-weight ratio.  This allows for the frames to be both light and extremely strong while the lens features a polarizing core, 4 UV filters, 2 shock absorbers and 2 scratch resistant layers… a combination that will provide unrivaled style and comfort while protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays.  The design also features a robust stainless steel hinge that locks both open and closed by using a spring-loaded ball detent system so you don’t have to worry about the legs on your shades flailing all over the place when you’ve got them stored on the go.  Check them out on KICKSTARTER here.