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KILLSPENCER Original iPad 2 Case

The guys over at KILLSPENCER in Los Angeles have done it again with the iPad 2 Case. This new case envelops your Apple electronic masterpiece like no other and even Steve Jobs himself approves of the mock turtle neck matching black color. It not only has the non-branded, high quality look that KILLSPENCER is known for, but also protects your device and offers storage for business items and other essentials.

This version is made of original wax black filter twill (it also comes in leather, but you know where that comes from and the story isn’t as cool) originally designed and manufactured in 1837 as a military spec, water repellent, everyday use fabric that lasts longer and performs better in specialty applications such as war, hunting, fishing, and sailing. is manufactured on family built machinery in New Jersey using proprietary patented water repellent and sustainable wax formulas and processes.

Thought that it couldn’t get any better? More good news, the shoulder strap is detachable: so if you can’t pull off the Indiana Jones satchel look you can go with the loaf of bread carrying method and keep the other hand free for a whip or whatever else may come your way. Made to order in Los Angeles. Get it here for $150.00.