KanJam Frisbee Game – It’s Anyone’s Game

KanJam is taking the world by storm…and is made in America. What started out in the mid 1990s as a few guys throwing a disc into banged up metal garbage cans has emerged as the new must have party game. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, and comprised of the most durable materials available. It’s like horseshoes but way easier to setup up and haul around. Great for tailgates, picnics, backyard BBQs, the beach, or wherever else you might find yourself having a beverage and looking for something competitive to play (and maybe wager some cash). The goal is to throw the frisbee into the slot to win the game automatically. However if you can’t get it in the slot, your partner has a chance on the other end to either deflect your shot into the can or deflect your shot to hit the can. Both are worth points and first team to 21 gets bragging rights.  KanJam is made entirely in the U.S. from premium materials. Get it here for $39.95.

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