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Kala G300 Eyeglasses

Kala Eyewear is one of the great secrets of the designer frame and sunglass world. Don’t believe us?  Try and find their website… They have a toll free number but it’s for eyewear providers only. Kala truly is the undercover superhero of the eyewear world.  The retro styled frames won’t break the bank and the designs are absolutely timeless.  You’ll have these on your face for a long time, making the ROI  incredible.  And the coolest thing about Kala (they wouldn’t be on this site otherwise) – they’re handcrafted inNorthern California from plant-derived Italian acetate that’s both hypoallergenic and biodegradable.  Get them here for $190.00 or search the web for the style you’re looking for – they’re well worth the search.   Check out more styles by reading the rest of the entry. 

Enjoy more American made eyeglasses…