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iOmounts™ – Fully Rotational Stand for Tablets & Smartphones


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You can’t buy an American made iPad or iPhone (at least not yet), so you might as well do the next best thing and get a super functional accessory that’s made in the USA. iOmounts™ provides a simple, extremely versatile and space saving mounting system for smartphones, tablets, e-readers, picture frames and other approved devices.  Everyone can use some help with organization and reducing clutter – and if your desk looks anything like ours then you’re willing to try anything… iOmounts™ comes to the rescue as it basically cleans your desk for you. The patent pending design offers quick attachment of your device while allowing for omni-directional movement so you can view your screen at any angle or orientation.  iOmounts™  is working with local manufactures and craftsmen in Denver, Colorado to ensure their products are of the highest quality, have minimal environmental impact, and support domestic manufacturing.  Check out their website here.

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