Snow Removal, Tools

Innovation Factory Snowmover 2.0

When the weather outside is frightful, reach for the “Swiss Army Knife” of snow scrapers.  The Snowmover™ 2.0 from the Innovation Factory has all kinds of snow removing technology that makes even snow blowers jealous.  This multi-tool combines a plow, ice scraper, snow broom and car-friendly ‘whiskers’ to safely remove snow and ice in any situation.  It effortlessly whisks away snow debris from the surface of your vehicle without damaging the paint or surface finish.  It’s even ergonomically designed and has a saw-grip handle to work with your body’s natural grip and motion for a super comfortable experience.  You’re going to want it to snow just so you can clean your ride.  The Snowmover™ 2.0 has a lifetime guarantee and is obviously made in the USA.  Get yours here for $24.95.