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IAN JAMES – Patton Pack

Sick and tired of having to use a briefcase or messenger bag because they look “more professional”?  Think you’re too old to rock a backpack because it makes you look like you’re headed back to kindergarten?  Does JanSport come to your mind when you see someone in business attire sporting a backpack?  These are all problems of the past.  Introducing the Patton Pack from Ian James – the answer to all of your everyday carrier problems.  It utilizes the perfect blend of tan cowhide leather and navy canvas, offers lots of storage with 2 zipper pockets and has internal components to separate your laptop from the rest of your gear.  Don’t go to your next meeting looking like a toolbag, get a backpack that suits your style.  Obviously made in the USA , NYC to be exact.  Get it here for $185.00.