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Huntington Base Ball Company – Professional League Ball 1910’s (NL Style)

The Huntington Base Ball Company was founded by William Peebles in 2009 as a way to combine his passion for base ball history and design… the result has been nothing short of awesome.  Baseball has always been America’s pastime and the game has evolved along with the equipment. The Huntington Base Ball Company has mastered the art of authentic replication… The base ball shown on this page is a thoroughly researched re-creation of an original 1910’s era Professional League baseball, executed in exacting detail. Double stitched, using the finest thread in the proper weight, this baseball contains exactly 116 individual stitches per panel. Each ball is hand-cut, hand-stitched, and labeled by hand using the same techniques that would have been applied to the original. Each ball is wrapped in tissue and foil and is presented in a custom, hand labeled box which is personally signed by the maker.  Hand made in the USA. Get your replica base ball here for $39.95.