Harley-Davidson BLACKLINE™ Motorcycle

Gas is expensive and it’s tough to look cool in a hybrid… no problem, get the best of both worlds with the 54 mpg highway / 35 mpg city Harley-Davidson BLACKLINE™ Motorcycle. The only downside is you might have to get rid of your Costco card (have you ever seen anyone leave Costco on a motorcycle?).

It’s long, low, has an understated profile and super aggressive riding position. The BLACKLINE™ is a minimalist throwback icon for today’s freedom seeker. In an era of foreign made transportation units, Harley’s American roots resonate around the world as they produce more than 220,000 bikes with engines of 650 CCs or larger. Obviously made in America and starts at $15,499. Think of all the gas money you’ll be saving. Check it out at your local Harley Dealer.