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Grove iPhone 4S Bamboo Case

Believe it or not, it’s ALL done in Portland, Oregon… Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design, Web Development, Product Design and Prototyping, CNC and Laser Production, Hand Craftsmanship, Photography, Marketing, Order Processing, Customer Service, Taking out the Garbage, and Watering the Plants.  Yes, that’s right… absolutely EVERYTHING is handled by the Grove team straight out of PDX.  No one has a title and corporate drama doesn’t exist…Grove is all about people doing what they love and making badass products.  The iconic Grove iPhone 4S bamboo case will stand out in a crowd and the craftsmanship and attention to detail will blow your mind.  We want to warn you of one potential problem… there is a chance that you’ll start admiring the backside of your phone more than the actual screen.  It’s like Angry Birds for the other side of your phone… super addicting. Check out the Grove website for an array of designs and get yourself a case – they start around $89.00.