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Go AMerica! – The Alex Maine Collection

Go AMerica! Alex Maine has your back – and your pants. We were fortunate enough to get a sampling of some of the new products from Alex Maine… and they truly are excellent when it comes to comfort.  The shirt is pure bamboo pleasure, the hoodie is the perfect texture and weight, and the pants are absolutely phenomenal.  Seriously… these pants are incredible.  You won’t want to take them off.  Now for a little more about Alex Maine before we divulge where you can pick up the product… Are you wondering where the name comes from?  Well “Alex” means “defender” and the translation for “Maine” is “homeland.” Do the math. The company stands up for the American economy by bringing textile jobs back to America, producing 100% of its product within the U.S. They’ve got a flagship store on the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood and you can also purchase their products online at  The inspiration for Alex Maine comes from founder Bron Heussenstamm (google him) and is on track to reverse the outsourcing of American jobs by designing, developing and manufacturing everything in the USA.  The fine pieces pictured above are as follows: Bamboo Tee V-Neck in Wine ($44.00), Twill Prime Pants in Deep Sea ($164.00), and the 4 Button Nit Hoodie in Pepper Heather ($108.00).  Visit their store or pick up something on their site… you won’t regret it.