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Founded 1776 – Quarterly Made in USA Gear

Are you sick and tired of the mailman constantly dropping of bills and junk mail?  What would it be like to get something exciting every once in a while? There’s finally a cure for this epidemic known as “snail mail sucks and I never get anything cool now that I’m a grown ass adult”. Introducing Founded 1776… a quarterly subscription box that works a lot like a magazine subscription, but with curated boxes of Made in USA products to help people discover quality Made in USA household goods and lifestyle accessories.  Surprise is part of the Founded 1776 experience, but to give you an idea of what could “maybe or maybe not” be arriving on your doorstep… they’ve been known to include products from established and up-and-coming brands such as Field Notes, Maptote, Gropener, Freaker and Runyon Canyon Apparel.  Test it out and get Box 1 for $33.00 or go for the full year with boxes 1-4 for $132.00.  We’re hoping for an eventual monthly subscription (for around $400.00 per year) because you can never have too much of a good thing… come to think of it, maybe a daily box is the way to go.  Who wouldn’t want America showing up on their doorstep everyday (except Sunday of course) for $10 grand a year.  At least getting the mail would be fun again… Obviously made in the USA.  Enjoy.