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Field Notes – “American Tradesman” Edition

Celebrate summer, being an awesome American and your “to do” list with the newest FIELD NOTES COLORS limited edition “American Tradesman” pocket memo books. Jot things down like a true tradesman with the sturdy 7″ carpenter pencil that even comes with a Field Notes Workshop Reference Card that has instructions for sharpening (a true American would burn the instructions over their campfire and use a pocket knife). When you’re armed with this mighty combination of wood, lead and 144 pages of graph paper, no patriotic thought nor workshop inspiration will escape careful documentation. After you’ve scribed a legit plan, be a true American and build something over the long weekend…make it even better by painting some stars and stripes on it and adding a bottle opener no matter what it is.  Then go have a beer, pet a bald eagle, shoot a gun at some random shit, and light off illegal fireworks and your duty as a true American will be complete. Get it here for $9.95.

Side note: Buying an American Flag Old Navy T-Shirt does not make you a true American.