Erba Handmade Bamboo Bicycles

In the market for a new bicycle?  Better call a housing design engineer for a quote.  Sounds crazy, but Erba Bicycles was founded by an accomplished design engineer who’s designed everything from affordable housing to unaffordable mansions.  Randall Levere has had a passion for the wind-in-your-face rush of cycling since he was a child and after they typical corporate America career stint he’s finally returned to his cycling roots.  No pun intended.  Erba Handmade Bamboo Bicycles are just as much a work of art as they are a functional bicycle.  If you’re anything like us, you may even be thinking they’re ONLY a work of art… however, bamboo is stronger than steel alloy in tension and stronger than concrete in compression so you can ride confidently knowing there’s plenty of structure, strength and support for any sized rider.  These handcrafted cycles are masterfully constructed with bamboo, joined by hemp or flax fiber and treated with epoxy resin. Erba Bicycles is truly making the most sustainable bike in town… we hope they keep growing like a weed… or grass.  (Side note: Bamboo is a grass.  You can say you have a grass bike.) Get them here for around $3,600.00.