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Emil Erwin – Erwin Messenger Bag

What happened to local manufacturing?  These days it seems that quality has given way to convenience and quantity.  We’ve shifted from reusable to disposable.  Do you think your grandpa ever would have thrown away something used once back in the day?  Something that prior generations took pride in has been lost and Emil Erwin is helping to bring it back…

The Erwin Messenger Bag is built to last forever.  Forever ever. Seriously, if you thought a watch or jewelry was the only thing that you could pass down from generation to generation then it’s time for a reality check. Made with awesome, distressed looking English Bridle Leather from Horween Tanner in Chicago, Il, stitched with Mil-Spec B138 and B277 nylon thread and held together by stainless steel and copper hardware.  

Available in Brown and Black – obviously handcrafted in Nashville, TN – U.S.A. The price is a little more than you might be used to paying for a messenger bag, but this isn’t just a bag… it’s a family heirloom. All Emil Erwin products are guaranteed against defects. Should you find a flaw in craftsmanship or defect in material, just call me and we will fix or replace your item at no charge for your natural life.(it could easily have a 5 time lifetime guarantee). Get it here for $1,100.00.