CRSP Tees – Hand Sewn In DTLA

Finally, there’s a solution for the age old problem of consistently dirty white tees.  This isn’t just another subscription service, it’s a tee-shirt revolution.  Keeping your white tees fresh and clean is a damn near impossible task…you know, they stay clean for let’s say about, um, oh, three months.  Exactly.  CRSP has this all figured out for you with their t-shirt subscription service that isn’t like any other subscription service.  Refresh your basics, declutter your drawers and feel good about it. It’s pretty simple, three easy steps below.

  1. Subscribe, Get Refreshed – Save time by automatically receiving a pair of super soft, luxe tees every 3 months.
  2. Declutter, Feel Better – Save drawer space by returning 2 worn-out tees for every 2 new tees received. We pay for the return.
  3. Earn Credits, Have Impact – Save cash money — $1 in credits per tee returned. We take your old garb and get it recycled.

We’re talking about plain white tees here, but you still have options.  Both Men and Women have an option of Crew or V-neck.  Unfortunately there’s no super deep V option yet, just kidding, we’re glad there’s no deep V option.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s a 100% ‘we know you’ll love these shirts because they’re awesome’ guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, return or exchange with no questions asked.  You get this all for $49.00 every three months (plus $5.00 shipping).  We’re not claiming to be a math genius, but that comes out to $24.50 per t-shirt.  Not bad given some of the allegedly ‘hip’ brands out there are charging north of $100. Check out CRSP – obviously Made in USA. Downtown LA to be exact.