CONTANGO – A Modern Reboot of the Classic Briefcase

Introducing CONTANGO – a small outfit in NYC that’s reinventing the way you think about carrying gear for men.  Normally, this would be the time to insert a man purse joke or something like that… but I’m over it.  It’s been done.  Let’s get real here… dudes need a solid piece of equipment for carrying around their supplies just like everyone else out there, but it’s tough to find something that is compact, easy to carry, durable and still has enough storage for everything needed for the modern workday.  Now there were plenty of  “beauty shots” of the new Axton Brief to choose from when selecting a featured image, however I went with  Features and Benefits page (aka Design and Durability)… why?  Because it sets this briefcase apart from everything else out there… simply demonstrates “why it’s better”.  The Axton is made with 5 oz. “pull-up” side leather so your bag will take on a look and character of its own after you’ve had it a few weeks, the solid copper rivets and burrs would make even Levi Strauss proud, and the industrial grade nylon thread and nickel zipper will ensure this is the last briefcase you’ll ever need.  Comes in two great colors, Tan and Black.  Check them out here.

Front_Brown_600_1024x1024 Front_Brown_Wall_600_1024x1024