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Colsen Keane – No. 510 iPad Sheath w/ Buckle

History is art.  The goal of Colsen Keane custom leather goods is to create a narrative around the items you own.  It’s no longer just a watch or a jacket or a bag…the value shifts from monetary to memories. Products that last a lifetime increase in value due to the memories created and associated with them. Colsen Keane leather pieces have form, function and a story…they’re highly practical, yet turn heads.  And best of all, they’re something you can pass down from generation to generation.  The featured No. 510 iPad Sheath with Buckle is made to fit all three generations of the iPad with the Apple Smart Cover attached.  It’s made with a special run of Crazy Horse hide that’s loaded with rich oils and texture that allow the sheath to vary in shade with every use.  Each one is truly unique to the owner and it only gets better with time.  Each one is hand-crafted in the USA and takes four hours to complete. Lifetime Warranty… not sure if it’s your life or your grandchild’s, but it will stand the test of time either way.  Get it here for $115.00.