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Casper – The Friendly Mattress

Casper has taken the mattress from mundane to insane. Your horizontal nightly sleep (or other activities) now have a made in America mattress option that will leaving you feel so rested and patriotic you’ll wake up feeling like a bald eagle.  Casper basically found the secret recipe for awesome…  Just the right sink, just the right bounce.   It’s a technology duo consisting of premium Latex foam for cooling and bounce and memory foam (which was originally developed for outer-space) for supportive comfort.  Developed and crafted with exacting standards to ensure you sleep like a baby and wake up with the energy of a 7-year old all for a price a teenager could afford. And the best part is you no longer have to push a full-sized bed through a house maze for setup…The Casper Mattress is resilient enough to compress-ship (same day shipping in NYC, 5 days cross-country) and fit through any door… except doggy doors. Just open the box and release your new sleeping device.  Obviously made in the U.S.A., NYC to be exact.  Get yours here for between $500-$950.